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• Added support for iOS 16.2+, so now MusicPad can run on compatible iPhones.

• You can now use your finger to draw on a page (we still recommend the Apple Pencil on the iPad as a main input device).

• On iPadOS, the main toolbar can now be reordered and customized.

• A new Export window allows you to export either the current or all pages as a PDF and shows a small preview of the PDF as well.

– You can now swipe forwards or backwards with 2 fingers on a page to navigate to the next or previous page respectively.

Version 1.1

​• Blazing-fast navigation: pages can now be turned at fast speeds. This works both with the toolbar controls as well as with a 2-finger swipe gesture.

• Zooming experience has been greatly improved.


​• General memory consumption.

Version 1.2

Requires iOS or iPadOS 16.6+

Page & Document Configuration: change page sizes, margins, stave configurations and more! 

Copy & Paste Configurations: your page configurations can be copied and pasted across pages or documents

• Save Configuration as Default: new pages in your document will be created with the default configuration.

• Redesigned Page Menu: the page menu now sits right under your document name and includes all the actions needed to manage your pages.

Help & Support Section: the page menu now also includes a new section that provides an easy way to reach us when needed.

• Improved File Format: MusicPad Version 1.3 comes with a new and improved file format that will allow us to continue adding features and bring better support to your musicpad files.

Please note that files opened in MusicPad 1.3 will automatically be migrated to the new format and will no longer be compatible with previous versions of MusicPad.

Alternating Zoom Levels: double tapping on a zoomed page will alternate between that zoom and a full zoom out.

Swiping Pages: navigate your document by swiping pages from the edges of the device.

• Notification Pop-up: a new notification pop-up will let you know which page you are on.

For more, check the Whats' New window under the Help & Support section in the app.

Version 1.3

Change Log

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