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The notepad for your music

For all kinds of scores

MusicPad gives you the freedom to write and draw on the score, in whatever style suits you  best.

Writing on MusicPad

From complex hand-drawn scores to quick notes for a melody that's been ringing in your head all day, 

get them done on


Key Features

• MusicPad lets you create documents with unlimited sheet music pages.

• Each page can be configured independently with different page sizes, margins, staves size and distribution and more! 

• MusicPad offers near-zero latency response with Apple's industry standard PencilKit framework: pens, markers, highlighters and pencils, all with various stroke sizes and colours.

• It's easy to export your full document as PDF files or to share them as a .musicpad file with friends and colleagues through iCloud.

• MusicPad is tightly integrated with your file system, so it is a snap to organize, share and sync your files across devices.

Finger Gestures

• MusicPad allows the following gestures for positioning your page on the screen:

1-finger for moving the page around

2-fingers for zooming in and out

1-finger for edge-swiping forwards or backwards through multiple pages

• You have control over your gesture interaction with your page positioning and you can easily turn off all gestures if you want to make quick markings with your fingers or if you just want your page to be fixed in place.


Even though it is possible to write with your fingers, an Apple Pencil is the recommended method to write with precision on the app.

MusicPad 1.3 works on any device supporting iOS or iPadOS 16.6+

Check the Version History for more info.


by Jenny

I was very impressed with the various functionalities this app offers to facilitate music scoring, and sharing including converting scores into pdf. Excellent value!



Ottima per scrivere musica al volo, interagisce molto bene con il file manager e con tutto il sistema. Perfetta compatibilità con apple pencil.


by Socrates V.P.

Perfect for sketching musical ideas just like writing on conventional music paper. The pencil tool is great and I really like the minimal UI.


by ChrisCoMusic

Finally a simple app to write on music paper or short notes or draw in. Easy to export to multi-page PDF. And great iCloud support too!

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About MusicPad

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MusicPad is free to use with documents up to two pages.
All features can be unlocked with a single in-app purchase.

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Now supporting page & stave


MusicPad 1.3 adds a powerful configuration panel that allows you to customise your pages and documents, and set up your staves size and distribution on the page.

With powerful tools in a simple UI

We have streamlined our UI and made it more useful and simple, harnessing state-of-the-art Apple frameworks.

Designed for the Apple Pencil

MusicPad works best on an iPad with an Apple Pencil, but we also support the iPhone as a viewer or for quick commenting and exporting or sharing documents.

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